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How to Coordinate with Laser Scans in Autodesk Model Coordination

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    Do you want to learn how to use laser scans in Autodesk's Model Coordination? This session will cover how Miron Construction has cut this process down from weeks to a few hours. We've been using laser scans for 10+ years and have recently started performing laser scanning ourselves. Laser scanning takes a lot of time and effort, and we were missing an efficient way to use the scans in Model Coordination. Linking the laser scan into Revit software and modeling over it is not easy and creates a lot of risk when coordinating with those models. If items are modeled inaccurately, all liability falls back on our team, which is something that Miron Construction's virtual construction team wants to avoid. This session will share how we are using PointFuse to elevate our building information modeling (BIM) coordination outcomes in Model Coordination.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the benefits of laser scans in Model Coordination.
    • Learn about converting a laser scan into a mesh.
    • Discover the possibilities of BIM coordination with laser scans.
    • Discover other use cases for this software.