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How to reduce 20% Life Cycle Costs for owners by integrating BIM with facility management

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    More and more owners are starting to see BIM's benefits on their projects and also wanting to use BIM in their facility management. NTT Facilities, designer & owner, along with Takenaka Corporation, contractor, worked on its new R&D building project with the goals of achieving lifecycle management with BIM and reducing Life Cycle Costs (LLC) by 20% or more. The two companies formed a project team in early stages that included not only the designers and contractors but also the facility managers and owners. The team studied ways to create BIM data for lifecycle BIM and conducted virtual completion and FM in order to identify issues in the building design and implement improvements. This class will share the project experiences and best practices, from forming an inter-company project team to creating BIM data that meets the needs of multiple stakeholders, and developing techniques for reducing costs, all from the lifecycle perspective.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create BIM data that takes into account FM implementation plans in new construction projects
    • Learn about the type of attribute data needed by owner, construction company, and FM companies
    • Learn how to create BIM data that matches the lifecycle management
    • Learn how to use BIM data to reduce the lifecycle costs