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How Technology and Insurance are Shaping Construction Risk Management

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    A diverse panel of experts will participate in this discussion on how evolving technology and insurance products have shaped the construction risk management practice in recent years to become a more strategic function of a contractor’s business model. The panel will include one product and industry expert from Autodesk, one Autodesk customer (construction risk professional), one partner from AXA XL (Autodesk’s largest construction insurance partner), and a moderator (Autodesk partnerships team). Topics discussed will include the following: advantages to different types of construction insurance products; best practices for subcontractor prequalification, risk mitigation planning, site safety, and project incident prioritization; how software and relative workflows act as the foundation of these best practices to ensure the success of your work, and the advantages of your insurance approach.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the best insurance approach for your type of work.
    • Describe best practices for subcontractor prequalification, risk mitigation, site safety, and project-incident prioritization.
    • Discover areas of improvement within your construction risk management practice.
    • Learn how to create an effective construction risk management strategy, tech stack, and workflows.