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Roundtable    AS10523-R
How Low Can You Go? The Architecture 2030 Design Charrette
Autodesk University
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Architects, engineers, contractors, building owners, Building Information Modeling (BIM) managers—they’re all critical to the success of a high-performance building-design project. However, accountability and responsibility for performance are not always evenly distributed among these roles. How can we facilitate a discussion between these groups, and how can we get everyone on board with high-performance targets like Architecture 2030? Through collaboration and early analysis. Join us for a design charrette where we will work together to achieve Architecture 2030 targets for a project. This design exercise aims to encourage the adoption of conceptual-analysis tools and sustainable design practices early in the process through collaboration.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how conceptual analysis tools can help inform early design decisions for building energy performance
  • Learn how to use conceptual analysis tools to achieve Architecture 2030 targets for a variety of project types
  • Learn how to test actual sustainable building-design strategies with software workflows
  • Learn how to work in teams to reduce building-energy cost and meet performance goals



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