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How the Implementation of Revit for Rebar Detailing Helped Us Win More business

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    This session will cover a case study on how the move to Revit software helps you win more business. During this presentation, we'll look at how Scott Hughes Design in the United Kingdom implemented Revit for structural detailing. A key driver in the successful implementation was the switch from 2D reinforcement detailing to supplying a fully compliant Building Information Modeling (BIM) model as part of client deliverables. With an overview of successful key milestones and strategies utilized, we'll identity the key workflows adopted that helped Scott Hughes retain and win business again and again.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use Revit tools for reinforcement
    • Learn how to implement workflows to assist managing a large-scale structural project
    • Learn about how Scott Hughes Design has successfully moved from 2D to 3D for rebar detailing
    • Get insight into how the move to Revit can win you more business