Industry Talk    AS227190
How to Empower Design with Immersive Technologies
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This presentation will explore how immersive technologies (XR) can help designers in different phases of the design process and enhance workflows. The XR revolution is happening in the design industry, but many design firms and individual designers may have not thought about how they can do conceptual design and present design ideas differently. The concept of immersive technology implies a great paradigm shift from a 2D design space to a 3D world where designers can empower their creativity. With an innovative and open-minded work culture, HOK embraces new design technology and aims to create a more effective workflow and powerful design solutions. The class will focus on how XR can help create a more powerful work environment and push the limit of design communication, and discuss the impact of XR on designers, clients, and users.

Key Learnings

  • Discover how HOK applies XR in its projects and design process
  • Explore different ways of doing conceptual design, including tilt brush and medium
  • Understand how to enhance client presentations by using XR technology
  • Discover challenges of the paradigm shift, and learn how to blend traditional design techniques and XR



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