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How to Democratize Building Information Modeling and Extend Value of BIM Enterprise-wide? Consider it Dunn

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    In this session we will present how construction companies can capitalize on technology from Autodesk, Inc., to integrate data from disparate systems and provide value to clients. The basis for this session is formed by the story of construction giant J. E. Dunn Construction Group saving millions in cost avoidances by implementing a custom, cloud-based, Building Information Modeling (BIM) collaboration platform. Are you interested in engaging all team members with easy access to the right information? Is the lack of a single source of information for all project data (including BIM, schedule, cost, and so on) hindering your decision-making in the field? This session presents how Autodesk and J. E. Dunn partnered to create Dunn Dashboard, a groundbreaking collaboration platform to address these issues. J. E. Dunn will present the business cases and challenges faced in the industry today; then Autodesk will provide insights on how the company capitalized on powerful cloud technology to solve J. E. Dunn's challenges. We will also discuss effective practices and lessons learned.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover insights into the challenge that comes with a lack of single source of truth for connected project data
    • Understand the opportunity to capitalize on Autodesk cloud technology to solve important industry challenge of data federation
    • Learn about the Autodesk-J. E. Dunn initiative to enhance Dunn Dashboard for BIM collaboration using BIM 360 software
    • Learn the challenges and effective practices from the Dunn Dashboard initiative