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Here Comes the Flood: How to Use BIM for Flood Restoration

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    In 2000, the Dora River flash flood demolished part of Highway A5 in Northwestern Italy, and there were huge economic and environmental damages. In this session, Ativa Engineering will show the solution that was adopted to ensure road safety. The project includes the erection of the highway’s profile for 10 km, the construction of 3 viaducts, and the adjustment of all overpasses and underpasses to enable the safe flow of the flash flood. In the road infrastructure field the Building Information Modeling (BIM) application is, today, a strong unknown factor due to the complexity of works and their multidisciplinarity. To test the BIM methodology, we’ve changed a “classic design” into a “BIM design,” in order to assess critical situations and potentiality. We’ve realized an engineered and hierarchical process that enables you to create and validate an effective communication structure between the different areas of the project and guarantee the production of smart models. This session features AutoCAD Civil 3D and Navisworks Manage. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create a hierarchical workflow to realize a design infrastructure project
    • Learn how to create dynamic links between software and different disciplines
    • Learn how to build a BIM validation design process for infrastructure
    • Learn how to build infrastructural smart models