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Hacking Design Optimization: The Challenges of Lean Design and Computational Analysis

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    Traditionally, design decisions are made and solutions are developed before understanding the potential outcomes of those decisions. We then validate the solutions, revise decisions, and redesign, creating massive waste in the process. This is the paradox of design. Design optimization techniques and technology (APIs, visual programming, and simulation tools) can help break this paradox by simulating many options and the potential outcomes—informing decisions rather than simply validating them after the fact. This technology will change how we design, much like the advent of Building Information Modeling (BIM) did a decade ago. Therefore, it is critical to understand the fundamental changes to the design process that will be necessary to capitalize on this new technology. This round-table discussion will explore the paradox of design, as well as the challenges of design optimization, lean design processes, simulation technology, and computational design.

    Key Learnings

    • Capture group thoughts on where the industry is headed with design optimization technology
    • Understand how waste is generated during design and how lean design processes can lead to better outcomes
    • Brainstorm and define the ideal processes for developing design and prioritizing decision-making
    • Discuss current technology and future technology needs that enable the ideal design process