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Graphically Interactive, Rules-Based Sales Engineering Automation with Forge

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    "In this class you will learn how to provide your application engineers, sales team, and even customers with a rich, 3D, graphically interactive, guided, design automation solution using Autodesk Forge Design Automation API together with Knowledge Bridge. Knowledge Bridge is a cloud-based, advanced configuration and engineering automation solution. Using Knowledge Bridge together with Forge, you can build your own custom solution guided selling experience that includes graphical selection, drag-and-drop, and advanced rendering using super-fast web-based graphics. These UI’s are constrained by and drive engineering selection, configuration and design rules that automate both pre and post-sales engineering process to create quotes, models, drawings, BOMs, and other engineering related reports. All this can be achieved without programming. And the structure is such that it can support even the most complex products. We’ll also show several examples of previous successful projects."

    Key Learnings

    • Identify opportunities to provide guided sales configuration tools to their application engineers, salespeople, and customers
    • Understand how quick and simple it is to create widely deployable sales automation solutions for engineered products
    • Understand that advanced engineering automation solutions can be created without programming skills.
    • Create custom solutions that include advanced, drag and drop, graphically interactive user experiences guided by rules