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Going Digital on Large Projects: BIM 360 Markups, Issues, and Reviews

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    The BIM 360 cloud collaboration services are enabling teams to work within an enriched review workflow and letting them execute markups, track issues, and conduct traditional page-turn audits with unprecedented access. We’ll explore the evolving possibilities provided by these Autodesk services to digitize and centralize what is typically a detached workflow. Focused on each module, we’ll demonstrate their applications and best practices, discovered through large project use, which enables the team to become 100% digital using the web interface or mobile applications. We’ll highlight solutions for transitioning a team into BIM 360 software to conduct reviews, and discuss some of the common challenges encountered during this migration.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover each module, its functionality, and its application within the review workflow
    • Learn how to set up BIM 360 folders, title blocks, and attributes to maximize review efficiency
    • Learn how to define review workflows for diversified teams and project phases
    • Discover some of the challenges encountered when migrating to a 100%-digital, cloud-based review environment