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Glue the Plan, Field the Glue, or Plan the Field? A Contractor’s Review of BIM 360

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    DPR Construction has kept a close eye on the development and implementation of the entire BIM 360 software suite of tools, including the highly anticipated release of BIM 360 Plan software. On the surface, it appears that all of the functionality and integration between BIM 360 software’s tools are now ready for prime time. This presentation will share real-world feedback, process workflows, success stories, and lessons learned from multiple projects located across the United States. The common theme across all projects is that the same core technology in BIM 360 software is implemented in different ways to varying degrees, and the recipe for success does not lie in the technology itself. Instead, it is how we gather the right people together at the right time to develop a process strategy that will support successful implementation. We will recommend a high-level implementation and training approach to help any company better plan for successful adoption of technology, including BIM 360 Glue software, BIM 360 Field software, and now BIM 360 Plan software.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to identify different implementation approaches to the BIM 360 tools
    • Discover the current level of integration between the different BIM 360 tools
    • Learn how to develop a company-specific implementation strategy for BIM 360 Field, BIM 360 Glue, or BIM 360 Plan
    • Discover how to educate the industry about the importance of addressing the people, the process, and then finally the tools