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Global Design Communication: Collaboration for Revit

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    Work sharing is commonly known by Revit users and is critical when it comes to collaborative design. Obviously, with collaboration comes communication. The more dispersed teams are, the more important efficient communication becomes. In this session, we'll discuss how the next-gen Revit work sharing can help teams to understand design changes, no matter where team members are. We'll not only look at how designers update their team members about changes, but also how these changes are communicated to external stakeholders in a controlled way and how we can visualize these design changes in 3D. Finally, we'll explain how you can collect feedback from non-Revit users, and how you can create deliverables using Dynamo software. The core of this process is BIM 360 software, which we'll also briefly discuss.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the basics of Collaboration for Revit
    • Understand the difference between a central file and a published file
    • Learn how to use “Live Review”
    • Get a feel for the LMV (Large Model Viewer) and 3D compare