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Getting Started with Design Automation for Inventor on Forge

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    At Autodesk, we realize that our customers need to automate their processes and use their existing investments in our desktop products to bring their processes to the cloud for collaboration and automation at scale. In this class, we’ll cover all of the basics in the Design Automation for Inventor Forge service. We’ll walk through an example of an Inventor add-in and iLogic, turning this into a Design Automation AppBundle, and go through all of the steps necessary to go from the desktop to Forge. This will include code samples, as well as a working end-to-end example of both desktop code and Design Automation code. You’ll walk away knowing all of the building blocks and have a solid starting point for automating your processes on Forge.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to automate desktop processes in the cloud at scale
    • Learn about accelerating Forge development by learning from working example
    • Learn how to design working web service based on examples in this class
    • Learn how to debug issues and get started right away with code from GitHub