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Get Ready for Artificial Intelligence in Construction

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    Data sources in construction are exploding. Mobile devices and apps like BIM 360 Field are capturing and storing thousands of photos on typical projects. Drones, scanners, wearables and other construction management apps are adding to the mountain of data collected as a by-product of their use. To bring structure to our interpretations of these growing data streams, machine learning solutions are being applied to sort, filter, and surface insights so that projects can find the information they're looking for and make better decisions. This class will look at some early practical examples such as photo and video recognition for management and sorting of construction images, and predictive analytics in terms of highlighting high risk quality and safety issues. We'll also consider where the industry is going, as disparate data sources and applications become more integrated.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the exploding number of data sources in construction
    • Learn what AI is
    • Learn how machine learning and pattern recognition can organize mountains of data to surface actionable insights
    • Begin applying practical early examples such as smart photo tagging and predictive safety analytics on your projects