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Get More Out of Your Engineering Data by Visualization

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    A compelling visualization is a key element for a successful presentation. Whether for an internal design review or an external customer-facing presentation, good storytelling is essential when working with any kind of complex data. This class will show you how to get more of your Inventor engineering data with the powerful visualization of VRED software. You will experience how easily and quickly you can tell your story with your data with astonishing quality. Learn how to import, reference, manage, and update Inventor data natively in VRED, and choose if you want to create real-time scenes, photorealistic renderings, engineering lighting analysis, virtual reality experiences, portable EXE files, or cloud-based visual content. We are looking forward to showing you a seamless process between Inventor software and VRED, and demonstrating how to sync data, configurations, and transformation.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create a compelling story based on your Inventor data with VRED.
    • Discover the benefits and requirements of a good visualization.
    • Learn how to establish a workflow between Inventor and VRED—you can use visualization in your design process without preparation time.
    • Learn how to use a live link for iLogic Configuration, Geometry Update, and Animations.