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Generative Design from SketchIt, FormIt, Dyno-BIM-It

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    Where do you start design? The best tool for a designer is the pencil, and every design begins with a sketch. We have several experienced designers who have embraced the digital pencil for a project-centered workflow. In this class, we will go through a process to convert surfaces to BIM (Building Information Modeling) using FormIt, and bring the results into Revit software. We will explore how to overcome the challenges of surface geometry interoperability using Dynamo. We will explore the Dynamo Script to convert surface geometry with no design intelligence or data to native Revit elements, and use Dynamo Player to help our designers iterate through changes in a model. Lastly, we will use the parameters to flex through numerous iterations on the web with Project Fractal. We will evaluate the pros and cons of automation versus starting a model from scratch in Revit. The process lets us reduce rework, helping improve efficiency in the early stages of design.

    Key Learnings

    • Solve a practical problem of converting non-BIM geometry to a BIM model
    • Learn how to use FormIt as a container to translate geometry to Revit
    • Learn how we used a Dynamo script to map surfaces to native Revit elements
    • Learn how to iterate design options using Project Fractal