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The Future of Construction Project Management

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    Over the last decade the construction industry has been through a rapid pace of change, with the whole supply chain starting to digitize critical processes and workflows alongside the relentless use of emerging technologies across the jobsite. With new technology and innovative practices becoming the norm, what does the future of construction project management—and more importantly, the project manager—look like? This session will explore how digital processes are improving the way we work, walk through the upcoming technologies to be aware of, and examine how you can include these in your company road map to prepare for the future while not neglecting the need to provide scalable solutions to improve business outcomes today.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how digitization is rethinking the role of the construction project manager for the future.
    • Discover the upcoming technology and innovation trends that may affect your business.
    • Discover some of the methodologies for implementing technologies of different maturities and impact.
    • Discuss the balance between foundational platform technologies and point solutions to solve specific challenges.