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Forge - moving from product sales to more solution based sales

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    HAKI produces and delivers modular scaffolding systems and tailored temporary access solutions to clients and contractors worldwide. The customers achieve ultimate efficiency and safety when assembling and working at height during temporary works, in a variety of challenging industry sectors. The challenge for HAKI was how to go from a product-based business to a more service-based solution business. How to create more value for customers and be ahead of the competition? HAKI decided to invest in digitalization and to offer the customers more value by increasing their digital service offerings. The result is the "HAKI Design Tool" which consists of HAKI Configurator and HAKI BIM. The response from the market has been tremendously good.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the possibilities with Autodesk Forge and Design Automation
    • How to increase customer service with digital offerings
    • The advantages with Standardize workflows
    • Automated BIM content