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Field to Finish: Point Cloud to AutoCAD Plant 3D

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    Laser scanning and point clouds are quickly becoming essential tools in the engineering/design/construction workflow. This class will examine a real-world scenario that will show you how to achieve typically needed workflows from within Plant Design Suite 2015 software and Kubit PointSense Plant software. It will also show how to create intelligent piping models, including catalog piping and structural design, tie-in point extraction, clash reporting, isometrics, and equipment all from point clouds. This class will give you a solid foundation for how to turn your laser scanning into accurate construction drawings.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use laser scans workflows within the 2015 Plant Design Suite
    • Learn how to extract typically needed plant deliverable from laser scans
    • Discover how to prepare laser scan projects
    • Learn from user experiences regarding converting point cloud