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From Fee Erosion to Fee Enhancement: Manage Your RFIs Using AI
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Construction is a high-risk low-margin business. General contractors experience fee erosion on countless projects. Documentation errors and coordination gaps lead to change orders and schedule delays. Eighty percent of projects face added costs because of these root causes. Learn from an Autodesk customer, a data scientist, and a subject-matter expert about how Construction IQ software can help you mitigate risk associated with project controls. Understand how to use AI to manage your RFIs by automatically identifying trends that are going to impact your bottom line. Construction IQ uses innovative machine-learning techniques to learn from millions of RFIs, Change Orders, and Design Documents. These models analyze the data on your projects to provide you with actionable insights on the trades, building systems, and upstream processes that need your attention today.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to reduce the impact of coordination gaps and documentation errors in your project
  • Learn about project management trends across business units and geographies
  • Learn how to use AI to manage and prioritize your RFIs
  • Learn how to identify code compliance issues automatically



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