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Facility Management Data: Tracking and Reporting Simplified Using Forge

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    Traditionally, facility data was managed using paper drawings and post-it notes. The process then evolved to include CAD software like AutoCAD software and static spreadsheets. In today’s world, collaboration over the web has become commonplace. In this class, we will demonstrate how easy is it to publish drawings from multiple disciplines into a single intelligent model making it available for collaboration. Once published, the drawing is then sent to the Forge server where it is converted to a viewable file format. This file is then combined with the live data from the database to create an intelligent resource. Next we will demonstrate how changes made in an AutoCAD drawing can be republished and viewed using the Forge Viewer in faciliCAD Web Manager. Live data enables real-time collaboration. Last, we will show how changes made in the database information show instantly without the need to republish the drawing.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to transform multiple AutoCAD drawings and database information into intelligent resources.
    • Learn how to publish intelligent facility management data to the web.
    • Learn how to capitalize on the power of Forge for accessing, modifying, and viewing facility management data.
    • Learn best practices in CAFM (computer-aided facility management).