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Hands-on lab    MEP21505-L
Fabrication Boot Camp: Hacking ITM Content / Content "Management”
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We all have to deal with content. Some are well versed in creating item (ITM) content. Others find it confusing and complicated. This lab will speak to both audiences with a different twist on content. We will not cover creating from scratch content that fits nicely and neatly in your database configuration. Instead, we'll show you how to take someone else's content and hack it into your configuration without destroying your database integrity. After all, it's not always about building the content—rather, it can be about getting it done quickly to keep production moving. We'll also show how you can easily scale content creation to multiple users in a safe manner while keeping everyone on the same page with your configuration approach. Lastly, we'll show you how you can distribute your content into other configurations, as well as (QA/QC) your work. In short, if you want to learn not just how to create content but manage it, this lab is for you. This session features Fabrication CADmep and Revit MEP. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to safely use content from others
  • Learn how to massage content to align with your database standards
  • Learn how to QA/QC your content before distribution
  • Learn how to manage your content and stop it from managing you


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