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Fabrication API

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    Are you interested in capitalizing on the power of .NET with your Fabrication software data? Awesome! Me too! This class will cover getting started with Fabrication software’s exciting new API. We will cover how to set up plug-ins for each of the various products—Fabrication CADmep software, Fabrication CAMduct software, and Fabrication ESTmep software. Learn how to load them in and execute the code. Also, discover some of what you can and cannot do, and ways to work in scripting and LISP to fill in the gaps where necessary. Knowledge of the Fabrication software products would be helpful, as well as prior knowledge of the Fabrication scripting language. This class will be a continuation of the Fabrication Advanced Scripting Class, but attending that class will not be strictly necessary for this one.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to get started
    • Learn how to execute in AutoCAD
    • Learn how to execute in Fabrication CAMduct and Fabrication ESTmep
    • Fill in the gaps