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Extending the Capabilities of 3ds Max for Architectural Visualisation Using SiNi Software

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    Our demonstration will focus on 3ds Max and its powerful extendability through scripts and plugins. Many 3D artists use both for bespoke workflows. With Maxscript knowledge, an artist has the ability to write useful tools to help with simple tasks. Writing bespoke C++ plugins, SiNi employs the full power of multi-threaded CPU processing, meaning our tools are many times more efficient and powerful that Maxscript. We will demonstrate how SiNi Software's suite of tools assist artists at every stage of production in all industries and types of work. As an independent Authorised Autodesk developer, we support many leading third-party renderers, plugins and file formats in 3ds Max, simplifying time-consuming tasks to a few clicks. Finally, we will discuss issues with multi-software workflows, (Revit, AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Maya, Unreal), and software ideas to simplify the pipeline.

    Key Learnings

    • Improve Design Visualisation productivity with 3ds Max plugins
    • Resolving import issues with BIM and CAD files
    • Learn how to create complex 3D models using 3D painting techniques
    • Develop an agnostic 3D workflow using multiple software solutions for VIZ, VFX and VR