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Exploring Python Nodes in Dynamo

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    Learn how to use Python in Dynamo to enable more editing options than ever before. Python is one of the fastest-growing scripting languages and can be used for daily tasks in your own projects. Dynamo can let you directly input Python code into your scripts to do things regular nodes can’t. This course will lead you through how to plan, edit, and execute your own scripts with Python for Dynamo. Learn about the essentials of setting up your own Python script, and edit geometry, sort data lists, write content to Revit software, and much more. With Python, you can unleash the potential in your projects so come and see what’s possible.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the Python node in Dynamo and how to configure it
    • Learn how to execute code in Python with statements and conditions
    • Learn how to debug your Python script when errors appear
    • Learn how to create Python scripts for Dynamo that can create new editing possibilities unavailable with regular Dynamo or Revit tools