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Exploring Lifecycle BIM from an Owner's Perspective
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In this followup roundtable, AU attendees can discuss Building Information Modeling (BIM) with both Joe Porostosky and Brian Skripac following the class Overcoming the Challenges of Building and Maintaining 11,000,000 Square Feet of BIM. BIM has introduced an evolutionary transformation at The Ohio State University. Our goal to model the entire 35 million square feet of campus space by May 2016 requires a well-thought-out implementation strategy and inclusive team approach. This followup discussion provides an extended opportunity to discuss the project. We engage attendees in a conversation about how they, as owners, are using BIM throughout the building lifecycle and discuss existing challenges and potential solutions.

Key Learnings

  • Describe how collaboration between owner and architect can bring value
  • Explore why standards, templates, and guidelines are critical
  • Discuss the depth to which BIM has become a cultural change at Ohio State and other public and private organizations
  • Explain how BIM is improving decision-management processes for building owners


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