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Everyday Dynamo: Automating Simple Solutions That Bridge Workflow Gaps Within Revit

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    Are you a Building Information Modeling (BIM) manager seeking to increase the efficiency of your company and project teams? Are you a model manager struggling through workflow issues? Or maybe you’re neither of those, but you work in Revit software every day and want to learn ways to work smarter. This class will focus on using visual programming in the Dynamo extension to bridge everyday workflow gaps within Revit software. The class will provide a brief overview of Dynamo and the many available packages that the Dynamo community has already created that can be used to automate many tasks. The class will also go over some basic tips and tricks you can use when setting up Dynamo, and we’ll troubleshoot. The remainder of the class will focus on specific examples that bridge workflow gaps and/or increase automation within Revit software. Example scripts will include the following: finding annotation styles within legends for model cleanup; coordinating dummy view tags across linked models; binding models without losing workset/phase information; swapping ceiling-based lights for face-based lights. This session features Dynamo Studio and Revit. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Increase awareness and familiarity with Dynamo visual programming nodes and packages
    • Learn about basic troubleshooting when working with Dynamo scripts that fail
    • Recognize when Dynamo can save you valuable time on projects
    • Discover simple and innovative ways to bridge workflow gaps in Revit