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Estimating and 3D Quantity Takeoff with BIM 360

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    The class will cover the use of BIM 360 and Beck Technology’s DESTINI Estimator integration. We will explore how this integration came to be and why it is important for collaborative project teams. We will show how to connect to BIM 360 models from within the Estimator platform and perform 3D quantity takeoff for an estimate. We will show the tools’ use on real-world projects and showcase future developments of the integration by using the Forge development platform.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use BIM 360 and Estimator for 3D quantity takeoff
    • Learn how to prepare BIM files for better quantity takeoff and estimating
    • Discover opportunities for BIM managers and estimators to collaborate
    • Learn how to reduce the amount of time needed to perform 3D quantity takeoff