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Enhanced Parametric Facades: The Case of the A1 Building in Baoshan Park

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    Adaptive components and advanced mass-modelling tools have been implemented in Revit since 2009 but are still ignored by many architectural practices assuming that Revit is a mere BIM tool for the detailed design phase. In this class, you will experience the potential of Revit for practical early stage design through a real case study: the A1 building in the new Baoshan Park in Shanghai, the landmark of the whole urban development. We will go through the design process used to manage the design of the complex shape and of the advanced façade. You will learn how we managed the design merely inside the Revit environment with massing, divided surfaces, surface patterns, and adaptive components. You will then learn how the same model could be created using Dynamo visual programming. Finally, you will experience how to create enhanced curtain panels with embedded sun-shading using Dynamo and Radiance. This class will demonstrate simple workflows in Dynamo, Python, and Revit.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create high impact architecture in early stage design using adaptive components
    • Learn how to obtain the same result using Dynamo visual programming
    • Discover how to create parametric adaptive components based on solar radiation with Dynamo and Radiance
    • Learn how to make your parametric design geometrically consistent