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Empowering a Paradigm Shift: MicroStation to Civil 3D

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    Moving from a MicroStation to a Civil 3D platform is a shift. We will review the data presented to senior leadership, arming them with information to make the switch. Not all projects are equal; hence, we will discuss the types of projects that are suitable for the change. Equally, teaching data management, BIM principles, and Civil 3D is key to a successful platform migration. We will cover the pedagogical theory and techniques used to empower users with new skills. We will consider key strategies to facilitate this shift across different offices in the United States. Data is central to a Civil 3D project. We will examine the data management tools and techniques used to make the learning curve less steep. This will include types of data that are typically necessary for a design project with Civil 3D. In this talk, we will consider how data was created, managed, and shared in Civil 3D 2019/20. Finally, we will review a few technical and non-technical challenges encountered while making the shift.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover strategies to help civil engineering firms shift from MicroStation to Civil 3D.
    • Discover types of data required for a Civil 3D project while adhering to BIM principles.
    • Discover best practices to manage, share, and create data.
    • Learn how to formulate a pedagogical framework to share new technical knowledge.