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Empower BIM-Integrated Structural Analysis Workflows Through the Revit API

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    In this joint presentation, Autodesk and SOFiSTiK will showcase the usage of the Revit API in an industrial application. SOFiSTiK, a development partner of Autodesk, builds its structural analysis application upon Revit software, providing a workflow that's fully integrated in building information modeling (BIM), from modeling to design and detailing. Structural engineers can analyze buildings in Revit, allowing them to be in constant connection with the intelligent model. The application uses the rich Revit API to extend and customize Revit functionality. We'll present different use cases, such as generating and modifying the analytical model or displaying analysis results. The direct connection with the intelligent model enables access to new insights, allowing informed decisions and more-efficient checking of the downstream detailing processes. Additional insights in how development teams of Autodesk and SOFiSTiK work together will complete this presentation.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the new analytical modeling concept in Revit.
    • Discover how the Revit API is used in an industrial application.
    • Discover how to use Revit-integrated structural analysis with SOFiSTiK.
    • Discover how structural engineers are connected to the BIM workflow.