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The Elements of Architectural Visualization

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    How do you tell a story with a rendering? How can a 3D model be transformed into a work of art? Is it the illumination, the camera settings, the props, or the composition that brings a project to life and transforms it from a flat image into an inspiring representation of your architectural project? Whether you are a new AutoCAD® or Revit® software user or a production professional who is looking for a new angle on your projects, this class immerses you in the creative and technical architectural visualization possibilities that are available in Building Design Suite. By learning basic principles of architectural photography and the qualities of great interior and exterior images, you can gain a fresh perspective for producing renderings that will delight and inspire your clients.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify the qualities of great interior and exterior architectural renderings
    • Implement best practices for setting up lighting, camera settings, materials, and composition
    • Use new knowledge about visualization resources for architectural projects
    • Find inspiration from a gallery of architectural rendering examples