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Efficient Steel Design with Revit: Simplifying Stock Selection with Revit

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    This case study class will focus on a Haskell-designed custom Revit tool that optimizes steel design workflows. You'll learn how the tool simplifies selection by checking whether suitable members are available in stock. We'll discuss the development process and implementation of the add-in, and we'll explore its benefits, including reduced material costs and improved project timelines. We'll present real-world case studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of the tool. The class is ideal for architects, engineers, construction managers, and building information modeling (BIM) specialists involved in steel design workflows.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the benefits of using custom Revit tools to optimize steel design workflows.
    • Learn how the steel design tool was developed and integrated with existing BIM workflows.
    • Explore the tool's essential features, including its real-time ability to check for suitable stock members.
    • Discover real-world case studies demonstrating how the tool has improved efficiency and saved money in steel design workflows.