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Dynam(o)ite Your Architectural Design: Optimization of Facade Panels

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    In this class you will discover an innovative way to optimize your complex facade panel layout into a constructible and manufactureable organism. You will get wondered by the effect and result when computational design is introduced in a "Architectural Fabrication Workflow." A workflow which will guide you through the whole process from design till fabrication for dynamic facade panels, by using the AEC Industry Collection. During this session you will understand how FormIt, Dynamo Studio, Dynamo Customizer, Project Fractal and Revit are the keys to success in defining an optimized facade layout, automating the panel placement, using analysis results to drive panel dynamics and finally also link the design with fabrication technologies.

    Key Learnings

    • Create optimized concepts of facades with Dynamo Studio and FormIt
    • Learn to optioneer the facade panel layout with Dynamo Studio and Project Fractal
    • Create dynamic panels on a complex facade with Dynamo and Revit
    • Link the final design to fabrication technologies for 3D printing and assembling of parametric systems