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Dynamo Powered Infrastructure Design for Automation and Sustainability

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    New technologies and advanced concepts were never as important for infrastructure design as they are today. New challenges arise to design, build and maintain bridges, tunnels and roads with efficiency and environmental concern. During this class, SOFiSTiK Bridge + Infrastructure Modeler with Dynamo interface will be presented. You will learn how to model various structures with increased performance and level of detail. Additionally, we will explore how Autodesk Generative Design can improve the decision making process by prediction of outcomes, optimization and support sustainable infrastructure by control of CO2 footprint. Real success stories of leading companies will be revealed. You will learn how these companies greatly increased their efficiency and achieved governmental BIM requirements for modelling and construction. Among them digital twin of cable-stayed bridge, tunnels, detailing, plan production and amazing visualisation.

    Key Learnings

    • Create multiple infrastructure models in Revit with documentation
    • Utilize Dynamo for generative design in Bridge project
    • Manage multiple data sources for advanced design
    • Get to know how to maintain large bridge project using digital twin