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Dynamo + GitHub = DynaHub: Adopting a New innovative Repository for Dynamo Content

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    When adopted throughout a company, people can be intimidated by visual programming, Dynamo can feel confusing, and collaboration can be difficult. Therefore, managing Dynamo libraries is labor intensive. GitHub is widely used in software engineering for facilitating collaboration and consistency of code over time. However, it has never been applied in computational design. DynaHub—an open-source Dynamo extension that connects Dynamo to GitHub—bridges a gap by letting you push and pull automations and packages from a centralized and accessible repository. Any user or organization, through their GitHub account, can use the Dynamo scripts stored in their own repository, knowing that they are using the most recent and validated version. By adopting this strategy at Willow, we experienced an increase in productivity, confidence, and usage.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the value of adopting version control in computational design
    • Learn how to set up your version control strategy with DynaHub: how to create and manage your GitHub account, and load your Dynamo graphs
    • Learn how to commit and push your changes to the Dynamo graphs: why, when, and how
    • Learn how to manage and distribute Dynamo automations and packages across your organization, and how to collaborate the easy way