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Drawing from Experience: Four CAD Managers with Decades of Experience Tell All

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    This award-winning panel is back with a new list of topics to discuss. Learn from the experiences of this group of diverse CAD managers who are widely respected as leaders in their field. Hear their unique perspectives and solutions to challenges faced by CAD managers from organizations of all sizes and backgrounds. This year we’ve faced working remotely and supporting remote users more than we could have imagined. Panelists will discuss ways in which they’ve approached these challenges and what they’ve learned. Other topics include CAD standards, as well as keeping up with rapidly changing technology, managing users, communicating with management and other non-technical people, budgeting, and much more. This panel discussion has become an anticipated Autodesk University tradition. Bring your questions and get answers from four CAD managers who have been there and done that.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to work remotely and support remote users.
    • Discover how others have successfully implemented CAD standards.
    • Learn how to communicate better with management and other non-technical people.
    • Learn how to work with budgeting and senior management to get what you need for your department.