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Don't Forget the Infrastructure, InfraWorks, and Digital Masterplanning Developments

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    The aim of this round table is to discuss the common issues that occur when we're masterplanning mixed-use developments and how we can use InfraWorks software to address these issues. Maybe you're familiar with some of these issues regarding the early stages of a project: you need to do the outline design of roads and drainage but you only have a PDF version of the masterplan; there isn't enough room to accommodate sustainable urban drainage features; you need to know the potential impact on buildings from a given flood event. Once we have established the key problem areas, we will discuss how we can harness the power of the visualization capabilities available within InfraWorks software in order to demonstrate to our clients the potential issues and the possible solutions to those issues. We will then discuss the problems we have had when trying to create development models in InfraWorks software, and we'll explore how we can overcome these problems.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to share real-world project experiences from other participants with your team once back in the office
    • Understand how we can use InfraWorks software to provide clarity, continuity, and agility of project data through a project's lifecycle
    • Learn how to improve workflows with techniques found successful by others
    • Learn how to improve integration of the needs of infrastructure at the masterplan stage