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Document DNA: Relevant 2D Documents in a 3D World

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    In today's world of 3D, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and rapid prototyping, are 2D drawings still relevant? Even while some industries push toward bypassing traditional 2D output completely, by going straight from digital to production, drawings for many of us still serve as a primary and essential means for communicating design intent. Yet behind every 2D document lurks the possibility of a file that's a digital disaster. You know the type; they look fine when plotted, but are a nightmare to actually work with. These documents might pass a visual-based quality-control review, but a plot can hide a multitude of sins. This session will explore the hidden DNA of documents that can affect productivity, profit, and even employee morale. We'll brainstorm together on digital best practices to ensure your plotted documents (whether paper or digital) are more than just pretty drawings. We'll also dive into the tools and techniques to help identify, prevent, and remedy digital dilemmas in your company.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand digital best practices—and the pitfalls of not having them
    • Learn how to identify, diagnose, and remedy problematic digital files
    • Learn how to create files that do more than just produce pretty output
    • Learn how to augment existing QC processes by incorporating steps for digital review