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Do You Want to Change the Industry Status Quo?

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    The way we design, build, and operate buildings is broken. We are looking to change that. When we went from CAD to Building Information Modeling (BIM), our processes did not change. Many in our industry are overly devoted to old methods and force BIM tools to operate like they are drafting tools. Is this because our deliverable is still paper? Is it because of our contracts? Is it because of old habits? We are looking for a group of thought-provoking individuals to have a real discussion about what is broken in our process, and how we can fix it. We are looking for ideas that we can take to the bank (and back to the office). Please join us in an innovative discussion.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the processes that are broken in the design, build, and operation world
    • Learn what needs to change in our industry to make us more efficient
    • Learn how to work with stakeholders not against them
    • Learn how to change the status quo at your office, user groups, and organizations