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Do You REALLY Want Manufacturer’s Content? Success Stories in Repurposing Manufacturing for BIM

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    When adopting Building Information Modeling (BIM), the longest slog is creating the family files that you'll need to generate your designs productively. But there's already so much great content out there on building product suppliers' websites-couldn't you just use that? We all know that it's not that simple. Manufacturing models are not only far more complicated than we require for BIM: they rarely contain the data we need. So how can building product manufacturers, suppliers, and specifiers work together more closely to share data in ways that benefit all parties? In this presentation, we'll tell the stories of customers who've taken on the challenge. We'll look at the problems they've faced and the solutions they've implemented, and we'll discuss the merits of each. The challenges of sharing data with the right amount of detail at the right time are by no means solved. We're interested in your views on this subject, and we look forward to some lively debate!

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about why it’s hard to repurpose manufacturing CAD content for BIM
    • Learn how manufacturing CAD content can be repurposed for BIM
    • Learn how can we retain the intelligence from the manufacturing CAD model and have great BIM content
    • Learn how the process differs, from product manufacturers to specialist subcontractors