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Disruptive Innovation with Vault Professional: Challenging the Status Quo

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    This session will explore the steps that Central Arizona Project took to successfully implement a sophisticated Vault Professional environment. We will look at the lessons learned along their journey, and how they designed their system to manage full document lifecycle workflows that began with the end state in mind. After 27 years of trying to electronically manage dynamically changing Utility Record tiff images and CADD documents, Central Arizona Project embarked on a technically disruptive journey to challenge the status quo, and transition away from how they’ve traditionally conducted their engineering business. The end result is a collaborative working environment that continuously increases product quality and creates sustainable project efficiencies with its use of Vault Professional software.

    Key Learnings

    • Envision innovative solutions for your own specific needs and goals for data management, project collaborations, and efficiency gains
    • Explore opportunities to reduce work efforts and avoid typical human errors and omissions that occur in document management systems
    • Learn how to make use of areas where Vault Professional can easily be used to create sustainable and consistent project work reductions
    • Gain a unique perspective on how a well-designed implementation of Vault Professional software can be integrated into utility and operations and maintenance organizations