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Digital Twins Implementation using Azure and Forge

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    "IoT sensors and smart devices are all around. BIM is all around. Why not marry BIM with IoT - and create the next generation powerful disruptive Digital Twins for a better today and tomorrow? Digital Twin is the Living Model with dynamics/functionality. It's the virtual representation of spaces, objects, smart devices and sensors binding in a single place to view the live updates, to perform analytics and simulations, and to create predictions for better decision making and predictive maintenance. Digital Twins are one of the top—and most discussed—industry disruptive technologies. Combining the power of BIM using Forge with IoT devices using Azure Digital twin/IoT services will create the digital twin that can help in multiple ways. This class will introduce the basics of Digital Twin and its applications and then talk about how to bring Forge and Azure APIs together to make a digital twin web application that can showcase live data and analytics."

    Key Learnings

    • Know about Digital Twin and its applications
    • Create a Azure Digital Twin Service and send sensor/device data to Azure
    • Understand how to bring 3D BIM Model, Live data and analytics on one page
    • Combine Forge and Azure to create Digital Twin