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Digital Transformation for AWP

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    Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is the gold standard for planning and executing capital construction projects and has been proven to deliver superior results in safety, schedule, and budget. This discussion involves a case study of how an EPC provider, APTIM, implemented AWP practices, selected software packages to support workflows, and leveraged internal stakeholders to drive adoption. The pace of key workflows such as workface planning and creation of installation work packages was immediately accelerated by the use of a platform of point solutions which includes iConstruct and BIM 360 for work packaging and the use of PlanGrid to visualize the work packages and drawings in the field. The involvement of stakeholders such as middle management and project foremen is highlighted as a key success factor. The combination of process, software, and motivated project staff resulted in a 50% improvement in the “time on tools” as measured by an independent audit conducted by ConstructX.

    Key Learnings

    • Selection of AWP workflows and associated software
    • Involvement of key personnel
    • Use of data to analyze performance