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Digital Project Management Workflow: A Case Study with 300 BIM 360 Users in One Project

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    This class is designed for project management (PM) team in terms of managing the project during the design as well as construction phase, which is enhanced by BIM 360 software. Along with the intelligent models that are being developed widely in the construction industry today, design collaboration and coordination is one of the challenges for the PM team, especially projects with many designers in different locations. Managing several kinds of documents in the construction phase—such as RFI, submittals, inspections, reports, and so on—is also challenging the PM team without standardization and response-in-time procedure. However, all those challenges can be minimized. With BIM 360 and project case studies, this class will provide the method to set up BIM 360 as a common data environment for design collaboration and coordination using a couple of BIM 360 features and a customized workflow. Moreover, a digital procedure in this class with BIM 360 Build software will help a PM team in the standardizing and digitizing of site workflow on RFIs, transmittals management, site inspection, safety, QA and QC, reports and more.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about how BIM 360 benefits project management teams with case studies.
    • Learn how to set up BIM 360 for design coordination and management with a typical process.
    • Learn how to set up BIM 360 for project management in construction phase: on-site safety and inspection.
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