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Digital Fabrication Journey – from Rhino, to Revit, to CadWork and back!

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    A case study from The Red Sea Development to share lessons learned from the design, manufacture and assembly of a large complex mass timber structure. In this session, we will demonstrate the best practices from the owner's perspective for defining the BIM requirements and processes to ensure the success of our OSM projects. Imagine 4 timber-framed, double curved, 100-foot span roofs, designed in London, manufactured in Switzerland, shipped to Jeddah, and assembled at a remote site. We'll share our experience of evaluating BIM formats, determining preferred solutions for the interoperability between Revit, Rhino & CadWork, to support the designers, timber manufacturing and contractors to deliver the luxury building. Our teams used BIM360 for the model collaboration for review of design and coordination issues and we learned how to leverage the tools and platform to solve complex challenges, improve our quality control processes and ultimately deliver the project on-site.

    Key Learnings

    • The best practice for the interrogability between Revit, Rhino and CadWork.
    • Define the critical QA/QC steps required to optimize the interrogability.
    • How to digitally collaborate with consultants and contractors on achieving your goals for offsite manufacturing
    • How to deploy BIM 360 as an asset owner to work collaboratively and efficiently with all stakeholders.