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Digital Design Management: A Hybrid Role for a Changing World

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    In today's rapidly changing technology environment, digital design no longer means just CAD. It's also BIM, IT, analysis/design, and visualization...with a little bit of training, accounting, R&D, and diplomacy thrown in for good measure. One structural engineering firm has decided to recognize this growing overlap of disciplines with a role created specifically to address it: Digital Design Manager. Join Kate for a discussion of what digital design management (DDM) means to Robert Silman Associates, and how having this position in the company has improved communication, collaboration, and adoption of new technologies. A followup roundtable session, CM2155-R Digital Design Management: A Roundtable Discussion offers the opportunity to continue the conversation.

    Key Learnings

    • Evaluate potential areas of responsibility for a digital design manager
    • Set relevant goals to help measure the contribution of a digital design manager
    • Formulate strategies for dealing with end users, project managers, and senior executives
    • Identify tools available to help with installation and licensing