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Design Computation Symposium Part 2
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Come hear how leading designers are interconnecting design, optimization and fabrication to support new ways of working. Bastian Schaefer from Airbus and David Benjamin from The Living will show how generative design, optimization and new fabrication techniques are being used today in the aerospace industry. They will discuss their work on new aircraft designs and the Bionic Partition project, a new aircraft part designed via a novel optimization process and 3d printed directly in metal. Gijs Van Der Velden of MX3D will speak about the exciting design, optimization and robotic fabrication processes they are creating in order to robotically construct a bridge in Amsterdam. Achim Menges will show the stunning work his group is creating at the Institute for Computational Design in Stuttgart Germany using a variety of materials and robotic fabrication techniques. Achim’s practice and research focuses on the intersection of design computation, biomimetic engineering and computer aided manufacturing that enables a highly articulated, performative built environment. Add the Design Computation Symposium Part 1 to your schedule.

Key Learnings

  • Discover larger trends in digital practice
  • Learn how to identify real-world implementations of advanced computational workflows
  • Discover the potential impact of simulation tools on built forms
  • Learn how to identify opportunities for design computation in new and traditional workflows



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