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Demystifying Real-Time Material Workflows for Stingray and Other Game Engines

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    With the introduction of Stingray 3D game engine, multitudes of new workflows are now possible. This class will explore and demystify the material workflows from 3ds Max software and Maya software to Stingray software. Simple materials are easy, but if you really want to capitalize on all Stingray has to offer you need to understand the basics of Shader FX and the new Stingray/PBR (physically based rendering). Much of this material will also be applicable in Unity and Unreal workflows.

    Key Learnings

    • Deconstruct and understand the basic elements of PBR Shaders
    • Learn how to assemble basic ShaderFX shader networks
    • Discover how and when to use various materials for different workflows
    • Learn how to use appropriate methods for texture maps editing and generation